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Public transportation agencies are under intense pressure to support, improve and develop new, safe and cost effective methods of transporting entire populations moving them from one place to another, whether by car, train, plane or ship. One way to improve the management of resources, improve security, and streamline operations is by enabling a wireless infrastructure for fast, reliable communications to occur. Wireless Mesh Networks integrated with intelligent transportation systems enable more accurate information and immediate response to critical incidents while offering new revenue opportunities through subscription-based Internet or other specialized services.

Integrated Highway Management System

Strix Systems offers an integrated approach to traffic management and toll booth collection system. Strix Wireless Systems empowers multiple applications like integration with barrier management, toll collection, number plate identification and video surveillance at designated points.

Video Analytics & Traffic Information - Empowers Highway officials to identify and record the traffic conditions, gather analytic data and regulate traffic effectively. Also helps monitor accident prone zones and respond to emergency vehicles.

Road Maintenance and High Performance communication – With Strix Systems products a mobile vehicle can quickly and effectively scan road condition, work in progress areas at 100mph. The Strix Systems products also enable high speed connections for daily toll booth recording and maintenance.

Road/Rail Mobility Solution

Strix Systems offers high speed transportation and security for the road/rail network. The network enables customers to effectively use it for railway/highway video surveillance, on-board systems communication and troubleshooting.
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