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"Solution Sets" For Strategic Applications and Deployments 

When it comes to mesh network equipment, it has taken amazingly little time for us to go from "What is that?" straight to "How do I know which one to buy?" Already end users find themselves with almost too many choices.

    "There are so many options that people have, so many choices in the market in terms of how you might go about deploying a particular solution," said Kirby Russell, director of product marketing at Calabasas, California-based Strix Systems.
      To ease the burden on IT managers, integrators, service providers, and end users alike, Strix designed it's Wireless Mesh Ready certification to verify interoperability and "certify" components for throughput, latency and other key characteristics in order to design solutions, or "Solution Sets" for a given purpose. These pre-tested interoperable building blocks are meant to make buying and deploying mesh networks easier and faster.

      Lifestye Networks  Lifesty Networks

      LifeStyle Networks Ltd. is a premier system integrator and exclusive partner for Strix Systems in India. LifeStyle Networks has extensive experience in the design, deployment and operation of 2G and 3G cellular networks, WiFi mesh networks and WLANs. In addition to providing turnkey deployment solutions to the wireless industry, LifeStyle Networks also specializes in IT solutions for the Small & Medium Enterprise business unit as well as for retail customers. LifeStyle Networks successfully deployed the WiFi mesh network covering more than 90 sq.km. utilizing Strix System Access/One products in the short span of 3 months for Spidigo – a local ISP in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


      The first of the solution sets is on the "mobility" side. For example, Accela's mobile application, Accela Wireless, is designed to help state and local governmental agencies manage their field staff. Identiprise SecuredMobile provides comprehensive Operations Support Systems (OSS), mobility persistence and security for wireless mesh networks. InMotion Technology's onBoard Mobile Gateway enables Strix mesh network connectivity technology versatility for provide vehicle area networks, and NetMotion Mobility XE Mobile VPN for wirelessmobile environments allows users to move seamlessly in and out of wireless coverage areas.

      An increasingly important and interesting topic are "solar"applications. Connectronics, a Strix Master Distributor, offers the SIRPS (Solar Integrated Remote Power Solution) and SolarCraft, an established leader in high quality solar power systems, offers a wide variety of products supporting round-the-clock power stations appropriate not only for railway applications, such as the connectronics solution, but 24/7 carrier-class operations.



      Video Surveillance 

      Considering the dramatic growth in the video surveillance market today, distributed IP Video Surveillance over wireless mesh networks is a signiicant application and one which deserves credible technologies and partners. Strix solution partners for distributed video surveillance include industry giant Federal Signal who provides large-scale broadband wireless and network security systems for municipal, public safety, emergency response and industrial customers. Well known industry technology and market leader in Open IP Video Surveillance Management, Milestone Systems with its portfolio of XProtect products and over 25,000 installations worldwide, Axis Communications, a leader in IP-based video surveillance cameras, IQInvision ( IQEye) who continies to achieve major innovations in megapixel video surveillance and related optimal delivery of video streams, Panasonic offering the state of the art I-Pro video surveillance cameras and high quality video surveillance recorders, Dotworkz Systems, manufacture of the rugged weatherproof D2 Cooldome™ and D2 Ring of Fire™ PTZ camera enclosures, and finally Industry leader ICOP, who innovated the public safety market with their wireless accessible in-dash video surveillance camera and recording system.

      RTLS & Active RFID 

      Aeroscout is the market leader in Unified Asset Visibility (UAV). Strix Systems and AeroScout have partnered in the development a new industry solution for real-time location (RTLS), Active RFID, asset tracking, sensing and monitoring, inventory management and auto-ID over Strix Wireless/Wi-Fi Mesh Networks.

      Aeroscout's Active RFID, sensors, RTLS and other technologies to provide complete wireless/Wi-Fi-based asset tracking and monitoring. As a pioneer in the Wi-Fi RFID market, AeroScout’s solutions are used by hundreds of customers worldwide in healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and other industries to automate business processes and deliver context-aware applications. Our partnerships with Strix Systems and other leading technology and solution providers have brought AeroScout hardware and software to forefront of the rapidly expanding asset tracking marketplace. Whether you are a logistics provider looking to track inventory in your yard, a manufacturer trying to streamline production processes, or a hospital planning to track and improve medical equipment utilization, AeroScout and Strix Systems have a wirleess mesh network solution that provides robust triangulation and multi-path path tracking to match your needs.

      Scan rf Projects (pty) Ltd   

      Scan rf Projects (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1999 with it’s main focus on the growing ‘wireless’ and related markets.

      Scan rf offers WIRELESS Telecommunications products and services that are cost effective, fast to deploy, flexible, easy to use, upgrade-able, and re-deployable. With these products and services we provide our customers with superior telecommunications infrastructures for their Voice, Data and Video transmission requirements.

      Scan rf product addresses the demand for high-speed data as well as telephony and video, by providing a scalable, cost effective solution that can be quickly deployed. Scan rf product incorporates sophisticated technology delivering reliable wireless connectivity and dynamic bandwidth allocation with efficient spectrum utilization. Ethernet speeds from 3Mbps to 1Gbps up to distances of 80km’s, line of sight is possible.

      Arabian Computer Systems (ACS)   

      Arabian Computer Systems (ACS) is a leading, Kuwait-based IT solutions provider and  Systems Integrator founded in 1993, with a proven track record implementing end-to-end IT solutions across many industry verticals.

      With its global partners, ACS uses industry-leading products,  applications and methodologies to engineer cost-effective and reliable solutions for its customers, backed by quality technical support. The highly skilled and experienced team at ACS works closely with our customers, understanding their challenges and the constraints unique to their business, and create solutions that are delivered on time, within budget and are designed to scale for future growth.

      ID INSIGHT   

      Northfield, MN-based ID Insight, the innovator in Access-Point Intelligence, combines its massive collection of data on people and access points with patent-pending analytics to help companies research new markets, prevent fraud, reduce costs and capture more business. ID Insight provides next-generation market research, verification, authentication, and fraud solutions to financial services companies, credit issuers, retailers, online merchants and broadband providers nationwide. 

      Digital Parking  

      Digital Payment Technologies (DPT) offers advanced technologies and service to deliver parking solutions that make life easier for parkers, operators, universities, and municipalities.  Strix Systems Wireless Mesh Networks has certified Digital Payment Technologies for digital payment processing over Strix Access/One Wireless Mesh Networks. DPT offers inside and outside digital parking meters meeting the needs needs of operator with a simplified solution for small parking lots to large municipal meter deployments where wireless mesh network technologies offer a competitive cost advantage to wired network access or cellular services. Having deployed over 4000 parking meters throughout North America, Digital Payment Technologies offers:
      • Patented on-street electronic parking meter design that is a “retro-inspired, contemporary design” that is instantly recognizable as parking related
      • Full featured web based remote management system
      • Proactive email, pager, and cell phone alarming for repair and maintenance conditions
      • Complete reporting and auditing capabilities
      • Integration with third party custom card providers like Blackboard for campus card applications
      • Remote update of rate and configuration information
      • Interoperability of Strix Systems Wireless/Wi-Fi Mesh Networks
      • Support for other major network technologies including hardwired and cellular communications.
      • Multi-lingual messaging - including non-roman characters
      • Parking pay-by-cell-phone integration
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