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Strix Systems has revolutionized the way the world communicates through high performance and scalable mesh networks for Local, State, Federal Government and Military agencies. Strix Access/One® simplifies network deployments, management and maintenance while enabling new applications to accelerate communications and services, while simplifying delivery of applications, lowering operational costs, and improving a government agencies effectiveness and responsiveness. Strix Access/One® Wireless Mesh network solution is the industries most flexible, scalable and highest performance multi-radio, multi-channel, multi-RF architecture with self-configuring, self-healing and scalable path selection capabilities. 

Federal Broadband Stimulus Kit Request Form

The Broadband Stimulus Program that was recently announced by United States Federal Government under American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) offers a large window of opportunity to WISP, resellers & integrators. Strix Systems would like to welcome an opportunity to discuss your needs with our team on how effectively we can empower you with tools, technology and domain knowledge for availing these loans/grants. 

Click Here to register for the Federal Broadband Stimulus Kit. 

Rural Broadband

Strix Access/One® products enable the deployment of 802.11 networks across large urban areas, rural counties and entire regions. Delivering dedicated, mobile, broadband access to diverse municipal agencies at licensed 4.9GHz and 2.4GHz spectrum while providing Wi-Fi access to the public. The Access/One® architecture is ideal for government agencies needing to build uninterruptible service on a small, mobile or large-scale basis. Unlike traditional access points that offer limited coverage within predefined hot spots, or single radio/single RF mesh solutions that won't scale, Access/One Network OWS provisions wireless hot zones that can extend over hundreds of square miles. The Access/One Network OWS delivers a high performance structured wireless mesh network infrastructure that delivers intelligence, scalability, security and unrivaled performance for large scale metro and rural networks.

Defense / Military

Wireless mesh networks are increasingly used for tactical and strategic operations by defense and intelligence communities to provide greater situational visibility resulting in more information available about the physical environment. Deployed in significant military operations, field telemetry, mobile/vehicle applications, harbors/ports, and emergency temporary networks, Wireless Mesh network infrastructure enables troops to monitoring buildings and other structures that obscure line of sight and potentially conceal threats. As the demand for timely, life-saving information increases and new multimedia applications are developed to exploit minute details, wireless mesh networks can give military personnel immediate, relevant data from key facilities, borders, and sensitive infrastructure. Strix Access/One® Wireless Mesh provides defense and intelligence communities with advanced technologies to address these challenges.

Strix Systems Advantages - Disaster Management 

  • Highly available (no single point of failure) first response network prior-to, during and after natural or man-made disasters.
  • Highly mobile networks enables movement of the network and the addition of new coverage areas with zero down-time.
  • Better that wired multi-node mesh networks provide constant high bandwidth from every point in the mesh network.
  • Utilize any form of backhaul (SATCOM, DSL, T1, Cable, etc.)  while maintaining the highest possible performance in the mesh network
  • Mobile Data/VoIP Communications and Triage Services
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