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Industrial Applications

Strix Systems Wireless Mesh network products are ideal for Industrial Applications. Industrial Applications most often then not have extreme weather conditions and hostile conditions. The products offer Low Total Cost of Ownership and high reliability for setting up network and improve business operations. Strix Access/One® simplifies network deployments, management and maintenance while accelerating new applications for industries like Oil & Gas, Mining, and Ports. 

Strix Access/One simplifies network deployments, management and maintenance while enabling new applications to accelerate communications and services, while simplifying delivery of applications.

Mining Heavy Equipment / Construction GPS Corrections, Road Signage
  • Strix wireless technology ensures the precise performance in reclamation and high safety standards
  • Remote surface modeling maintenance 
  • Change order pushing to heavy equipment
  • Support for applications like mobile grading, GPS corrections, mobile data and job-site connectivity everywhere
Oil and Gas – SCADA and VoIP, Video and Data, Serial to IP conversion /SCADA/Telemetry
  • High bandwidth connection for high quality video and telemetry links 
  • Real-time view (live video) of the site
  • Self-healing dynamics network for mobile vehicles like ships and vans
  • Multi-Radio on towers for high density connections from remote edge solution well sites
  • High bandwidth connection for SCADA telemetry data, multi-use applications, cost savings
  • Replacement of high cost and limited functionality of existing low bandwidth solution and new sites
  • Centralized Manageability, Monitoring & Remote
  • Real-time polling of information
Ports – RFID, Asset Tracking, Surveillance
  • Strategically enabled high-speed, high quality remote and mobile access for police and e-government services
  • Video surveillance for any point on the network 
  • Traffic monitoring, geo-location asset tracking, meter reading for water, power, parking, air quality
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