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Professional Services
Strix Professional Services for wireless mesh network deployments

As the leader in high-performance wireless mesh networking, Strix Systems extends its carrier-grade Pro/One professional services organization, its range of technical services and Strix Power/One training to provide a complete turnkey service in the U.S and worldwide for the deployment of Strix’s Access/One® Network Outdoor Wireless Systems (OWS).

Strix and its Channel/One™ partners have designed and installed the largest and most diverse operational wireless mesh networks in the U.S. and the world utilizing Strix Professional Services. Strix Systems expertise, relationships and experience helps our partners transform their business for increased profitability and competitiveness, and enables them to more rapidly adapt to changes in the market. Strix Professional Services designed, deployed and optimized wireless mesh networks for the largest carriers, transportation authorities, public safety agencies, industrial enterprises and more.

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Strix Professional Services enabled this network for public safety including police, fire, emergency medical transport and hospital communications as well as providing access to public works employees for applications such asbuilding inspection and meter reading. Mobile surveillance, command vehicle communications and homeland security applications were also and important part of the services delivered.  Simultaneously businesses and residents are provided free and paid Internet access services.Strix Systems highly skilled team provides professional services including: site survey, technical assessment, network planning, design, installation, integration, repair, upgrade, optimization and maintenance to help our partners and customers transform their business opportunities into profitability for the largest U.S. and International service providers. This enables them to deliver not only general wireless internet services, but enterprise-class services over wireless mesh networks delivered to businesses, residences and mobile users.  And in Asia, the Strix Professional Services is assisting partners to deploy the  world’s largest wireless mesh networks in one of the world’s most populous cities.

Strix Professional Services is state-of-the in the design and deployment of wireless mesh networks: 

  • Technology Assessment: Assessment of technological and business objectives and careful meet the defined set of objectives. This includes the use of Strix optimal multi-radio access and backhaul technologies to gain the highest throughput, lowest latency and meet short as well as long-term cost savings objectives.
  • Planning and Design: Identification and definition of requirements, link budget analysis, preliminary interim and final designs, frequency planning, performance, capacity estimates and assess alternative options to aid in the development of the final network design.
  • Integration and Installation: Site survey, RF exposure analysis, link budget analysis, frequency planning, traffic analysis, performance and capacity estimates, network deployment support, antenna placement and alignment.
  • Upgrades and Optimization: Network performance, frequency and capacity planning, handoff parameter and system performance analysis, capacity /handoff/ drop/ block performance review, drive testing, single site and cluster testing.
  • Maintenance and repair: Keeping wireless networks in optimal condition is an ongoing task. With the right tools this can be as simple as point and click, but Strix Systems believes that pro-active maintenance is a requirement of any network and should be an integral part your wireless network operations.

Strix Technical Services provide customers with the care needed on an as-needed basis to help plan and install expansions to existing OWS networks.  This turnkey service includes configuration, integration, deployment, and fine-tuning of OWS mesh networks to help service provider customers achieve their technical and business goals on time, every time.

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