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Service Providers

Strix Systems Access/One® products enable service providers, telcos and cable operators to cost effectively and scalably deploy wireless mesh networks to underserved and strategically important populations across large urban areas, rural counties, entire regions and extend voice, video and data services to residential and business customers.

Strix Systems products are an ideal platform for services directed to small, medium and large distributed businesses, government agencies, mobile business and consumers who require the new generation of high-speed multimedia services. Strix Access/One® architecture delivers dedicated, mobile, broadband access to diverse municipal agencies at licensed 4.9GHz and 2.4GHz spectrum while providing Wi-Fi access to the public.
Wireless Mesh Network Service Providers

Local Exchange Carriers 

Inter-Exchange Carriers 

Mobile Service Providers 

MSO/Cable Operators 

Utility-based Service Providers 

Independent Operating Companies 

Service providers are immersed with turning up new wired networks as quickly as possible to meet existing demand from wired customers. Delays installing and provisioning new wireline-based equipment and circuits can be a significant barrier to keeping and winning new customers while the demand for Internet access simply increases. The development of high performance, robust and scalable wireless mesh networking enables the delivery of wireless Ethernet services delivered by local exchange carriers, inter-exchange carriers, mobile service providers, MSO/cable operators, utility-based service providers and independent operating companies. Wireless Ethernet maximizes the benefits WiFi and sophisticated Mesh network technologies, making the planning, deployment, and operations of such networks substantially more cost effective than wired counterparts.
Spectrum of Possibilities for Services Providers

Internet Access

Transparent LAN Services

Metro Ethernet Extension

Private Network Connectivity

Cellular Base Station Backhaul


Re-route Around Interference

High Capacity Low Cost Access

Alternative to T1/E1, T3/E3

Alternative to Multiple Runs

Makes VoIP Mobile

Optical Network Extension

Advantage Strix Systems

  • Designed to deliver first, middle and last mile services
  • Applications - internet access, transparent LAN services, metro Ethernet extension, private network connectivity, backhaul for cellular base stations, DSLAM/NGDLC’s
  • High bandwidth wireless for large-scale municipal, city-wide and country-wide networks implemented with equal performance at half the cost of a wired network.
  • Wireless backhaul extension implementation to extend services while offering new mobile services along the way.
  • Mobility – Provides opportunities for voice, video and data applications as computing power and network capabilities improve
  • Reduced initial capital expense and ongoing costs of operating and managing the network.
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