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Hot Zone & Large Enterprise
To meet the growing need for more robust and higher performing access points and turn-key solutions, Strix Systems announced the addition of Strix Integrated Hot-Spot System (HSx) and “The Ultimate Hot-Zone™ Solution” to its family of award winning products and solutions.

Strix Ultimate Hot Zone System allows Strix Premier Partners to address their customer applications, some critical, where areas or zones of Wi-Fi connectivity are required. Examples of this include recreation vehicles (RV) and mobile home parks, marinas, construction sites, event venues, mining and oil operations etc. Applications may involve enterprise-class data acquisition/transfer, high quality video surveillance, scada control data, point of sale etc.

Strix Systems Ultimate Hot Zone™ Solution is a blend of Wi-Fi technology, product packages and managed services representing the latest in complete “turn-key” wireless mesh network solutions meeting and exceeding the expectations and needs of those who are new, and those who are seasoned radio frequency (RF) veterans of Wi-Fi technologies.

Delivering the industry’s most capable Wi-Fi Hot Zone solution and enabling you to achieve success, Strix Systems and its certified partners have created the Strix Hot Zone Maxpack™.

Designed as complete integrated solutions, they are ready for deployment. Strix Maxpacks come in three flavors, or “Base Packages”, each is designed to be immediately cost effective and deliver long-term, robust, high performance and reliability for Hot Spot deployments. In addition to each Base Package (BP), is an optional Expansion Package (EP) to provide you with yet another way to affordably build and scale your “Ultimate Hot Spot”, achieving your technical and business objectives.

Strix Access/One® Network family of products immediately addresses the needs of all hot-zpot, hot-zone and much larger applications. The Access/One provides the highest throughput, lowest latency and the greatest degree of scalability and ease of use compared to any other solution. Voice, data, video - all applications are supported simultaneously with no additional configuration. Self-configuring, self-tuning and simple browser-based management that scales to the largest hot-zones, city and country-wide implementations. The Access/One products are installed and provide instantly secured node-to-node meshing and immediate access to authentication resources such as a Internet Gateway, where services may be controlled and charged based on the users requirements.
Access/One Advantages for Hot Zones & Hot Spots
  • Fast deployments of high speed networks for guest and staff access
  • Manageable and secure for guest access or staff access
  • A fully integrated solution providing a wireless network backbone and user access from a single system
  • An upgradeable system that easily supports adding new user coverage areas, or adding capacity or new RF technologies to existing nodes
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