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A1N 5000 (Access/One® family of solutions)
A1N 5000 (Access/One® family of solutions) - Blistering Fast Wireless™ with Single Unit Gigabit Capacity

The A1N 5000 family is based on a new modular architecture comprised of a Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) based 802.11n multi-radio mesh platform and multi-Gigabit switching backplane. A1N 5000™ family members include the 5600 Series (Wide Area Mesh), the 5400 Series (Indoor Mesh), the 5200 Series (Outdoor CPE with built-in Antenna), the 5100 series (Indoor CPE), the 5300 series (Mobile) and the 5700 series (Integrated Video Surveillance).

The A1N 5000 architecture is in line with the Strix commitment of multi-radio Layer 2 switching platforms that provide near full duplex performance allowing greater sustainable throughput over multiple hops compared to any other solution. The automatically self forming, self configuring and self healing design make the network highly redundant, interference resilient, reliable and easy to operate. Tunable mobility parameters enable seamless roaming across the network for vehicular, industrial heavy equipment, truck, bus and high speed roaming for rail applications. The blistering fast wireless mesh provides Gigabit connectivity to Ethernet, Copper or Fiber landline infrastructure. An enhancement over earlier architectures, the new platform supports up to six (6) radios in any combination, 11n MIMO, 4.9, as well as other licensed or unlicensed frequencies.

The Strix Network Management System Access/One Network 5000 (Centralized Management Unit and Software) comes with enhanced support for the new 11n deployments, expansions of existing Strix networks with 11n, and new unlicensed and licensed frequencies. The new A1N platform also delivers intelligent edge optimization from end-to-end QOS, load balancing, network path optimization and other features designed to maximize performance in a variety of applications.

Strix Access/One 5000 provides enhanced control over the network and configuration can be as simple as a single push of a button, whether for a single unit installation, a city or country-wide deployment, each network can be managed as a group or individually via secured connection and an assortment of graphical and statistical displays provide the detail needed to isolate potential trouble spots.

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