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Public Safety

Police, fire, and emergency medical services agencies are currently using Strix Access/One wireless mesh network products to improve the speed and accuracy with which information can be communicated. Strix Access/One® simplifies network deployments, management and maintenance while accelertaing new applications like video Surveillance, Medical Emergency Services, Fire & safety . The Access/One® network simplifies the delivery of applications, lowering operational costs, and improving effectiveness and responsiveness.Strix Access/One® Wireless Mesh network solution is the industries most flexible, scalable and highest performance multi-radio, multi-channel, multi-RF architecture with self-configuring, self-healing and scalable path selection capabilities. 
Access/One® Long-Range 4.9GHz DSRC-C Mask

Strix expands the Access/One Network OWS family with the introduction of Strix long range 4.9GHZ radios employing high power DSRC-C mask.
The FCC in accordance with other parties have defined the communications band for public safety communications which uses the 4.9 GHz spectrum. This spectrum is defined from 4940 to 4990 MHz. To enable flexibility of deployments, two emissions masks are defined: DSRC-A for deployments requiring 20 dBm or less and the DSRC-C mask which provides transmit power greater than 20dBm for deployments requiring greater range, penetration and coverage. Read more

Video Surveillance

With video surveillance cameras becoming increasingly pervasive, and with city-wide installation of IP-based cameras on lamp-posts, buildings, and patrol cars, police can use their PDAs or laptops to watch what's going on and manage an event clearly across town. Secure broadband access enables the transmission of databases, fingerprints, and photo images from anywhere in the community. Secure, high-speed capabilities are necessary to upload and download field reports and images that require fast data throughput.
Mobility Solutions

Fire trucks in-route to a building on fire can request detailed information about fire hydrant water supply and gain access to additional structural building details. With Strix Access/One nodes deployed along streets and roadways, ambulances can be equipped as mobile networks and video cameras to provide two-way video image and voice communications between the ambulance and emergency medical centers.

Critical Infrastructure - Dams, Water Towers, Bridges

Effective security and public safety programs must protect critical infrastructures in crisis situations. Strix Access/One provides products and professional services enabling the deployment of WiFi wireless systems to help safeguard critical infrastructures against attack/sabotage.
City-wide deployment

City-wide Strix deployment for the Bureau, which is responsible for many aspects of public security, including crime, security violations, anti-terrorism activities, and emergency command communications.
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