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Korea Intelligent Highway Infrastructure:  Strix Systems Access/One deployed for the multi-phase, multi-year nationwide intelligent highway project between Korea’s two largest cities of Seoul and Pusan.  Strix Access/One OWS yields the highest performance over any competitor with the highest throughput, lowest latency and continuous robust performance successfully exceeding the base-line test results which were not achieved by any other manufacturer.

  • Yokohama Japan:  The largest indoor voice over IP over wireless mesh deployment.  The Landmark Tower Yokohama is a fortress of structural and technical innovation in the futuristic Minato Mirai 21 district of Yokohama city.  The tower stands 296m (970 ft), offers 392,000 m² (4,219,000 sq ft) of commercial space and has the largest indoor multi-level shopping mall, the finest restaurants, clinics, a five star hotel and executive offices topped by the Sky Garden which provides a 360-degree view of the city and Mount Fuji.

  • Boston Marathon: Quick deployment of Strix IWVS utilized by state and local public officials for “live” viewing and recording at fixed and mobile command centers. Brookline’s Emergency Operations Center served as host to state and local public safety agencies

  • Pittsburg, California:  Strix OWS connects dozens of PTZ video surveillance cameras over wireless mesh network to central headquarters and mobile units including mobile command units and SWAT.  Deployment includes the first deployment of high-end infrared technology over wireless mesh.

  • France, France Telecom: Orange deployed Strix Access/One OWS for Wi-Fi voice and data services in the Paris suburb of Issy-les-Moulineaux. The launch of the operators first outdoor mesh network coincided with their nationwide launch of the Apple iPhone with Wi-Fi capabilities.

  • USA, Massachusetts: Brookline is the first municipality in the United States to have a border-to-border multi-use first responder Wi-Fi network utilizing licensed 4.9GHz frequencies for police and fire, and standard Wi-Fi for consumers. The network is owned and operated by Galaxy internet Services.

  • USA, San Diego County, North County Transit District: Deployment of StrixAccess/One OWS for the second most traveled rail line in the U.S. funded by the Department of Homeland Security.

  • Sub-Sahara Africa: The leading economic force in Africa and pioneer provider of affordable mobile telephone services in Kenya, Sameer Group is distributing Strix Access/One across 42 countries in sub-Saharan Africa to enable last mile solutions.

  • Korea, KT Corp: The largest high-speed internet operator in Korea, KT Corp., selected Strix Access/One to extend the high-speed NESPOT service area beyond its current indoor limits.

  • India: Strix Access/One deployed in Mumbai as last-mile alternative to corporate enterprise, industrial, government, and residential customers.

  • Finland: Strix Access/One deployed for City of Oulu. Today the network provides open access to over 11,000 residents. Statistics for January 2007 report 5,656 regular users, 194,170 sessions, and 8.4 million online minutes.

  • Falkirk Mining: Falkirk Mining Company, subsidiary of The North American Coal Corp., the nation’s largest lignite coal producer, deployed Strix’s Access/One for first industrial mining mobile mesh network.

  • Belgium: Strix Access/One deployed for first city-wide mesh network in Blankenberge. Installed in less than 2 months, the network provides commercial and municipal access.

  • Netherlands: Strix Access/One wireless mesh network deployed in 10 days by Groningen Unwired and Alcadis (Strix Master VAD) to provide commercial, academic and municipal access.

  • Video & Mobility Solutions: Announced its unparalleled performance for mission critical video surveillance and high-speed mobility applications and teams with industry-leading manufacturers like Panasonic, Milestone Systems, Federal Signal, ICOP and others to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to customers.
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