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Strix Systems international expansion plus strategic investment

CALABASAS, Calif. -- Strix Systems, the market and technology leader in high-performance wireless mesh networking, today announced the inflow of strategic investments from global investors driving the company’s increased growth, rapid expansion and new technology developments for international and U.S. markets.

Strix Systems has re-defined the concept of high-performance wireless mesh networking and set a new standard for wireless mobility and high-speed transport. The expansion marks a new chapter in the history of Strix Systems, enabling the company to increase the size of its U.S. and international sales, support organizations and increase its marketing and educational resources to spur the adoption of wireless mesh networks worldwide.

In addition, a new engineering organization has been established at a state-of-the-art R&D center in India, enhancing the company’s global reach and support network. This new center will play a key role in accelerating the company’s development of new wireless mesh networking products and services. Cost-effective manufacturing that only an international presence in Asia can provide will also be added to the company’s portfolio.

Recently the company announced a number of new products including Strix Hot Zone Systems (HSx), the Integrated Wireless Video System (IWVS) and the Mobile Wireless System (MWS) as well as key technology partnerships with leaders in public safety include Milestone Systems, Federal Signal, ICOP Digital, Panasonic, etc.

Strix Systems also announced significant installations worldwide for strategic public safety projects including border-to-border wireless mesh network coverage for Brookline, Massachusetts; public safety video surveillance for Pittsburg, California; video surveillance for homeland security at the Boston Marathon; as well as highway and railway projects including San Diego's North County District; and internet access deployments in six countries in Africa.

"This is a significant testimony to Strix Systems, especially given the current domestic and international economic challenges," said Martin Levetin, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Strix Systems. "We are rapidly increasing our global resources as needed to meet customer demand, enhance our support services and develop new products for key markets."

"Strix Systems has always been a premier technology partner for many years and we have deployed many networks using their product. It is quite frankly the best performing wireless solution we have ever seen and our customers love it," said James Vaughan, VP of Sales, Preferred Technology Solutions in Richardson, Texas. "We're glad to see such a strategic investment in Strix as we have many opportunities ahead of us."

"Kenya Data Networks (KDN) is proud of our strategic partnership with Strix Systems," said Dr. Kai Wulff, CEO of KDN. "We have deployed almost 1000 Strix multi-radio mesh nodes throughout East Africa and expect to continue rapid expansion throughout the continent."

"We have built an excellent brand as a result of using Strix Systems products in our existing deployments," said Abhishek Javeri, CEO, LifeStyle Networks. "By comparison, Strix offers the best performance, greatest versatility and an undeniable economy of scale. This is a great opportunity for Strix to expand and we have many new projects in the Indian Subcontinent utilizing their products."

"Strix Systems is unique in the wireless mesh network industry, offering the most superior products, having the highest performance and the ease of use allowing integration into a variety of form-factors across several strategic markets," said Rajesh Shah, Board of Directors, Strix Systems and CEO of Sibridge Technologies. "The investment comes after careful deliberation, and we are committed to our customers by offering technology that can be applied in several verticals coupled with additional support teams, and new engineering resources to achieve greater product application and accelerating the adoption of wireless mesh connectivity worldwide."

NOTE: Strix Systems and Access/One Network are trademarks or registered trademarks, in the United States and certain other countries, of Strix Systems. Additional company and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the individual companies and are respectfully acknowledged.

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