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Case Study
WiFi Mesh for Multi-Tenant/Multiple Dwelling Units

Strix Access/One Indoor Wireless Systems (IWS) and Outdoor Wireless Systems (OWS) is deployed to create integrated wireless infrastructure serving apartments and multi-tenant offices. SINE Networks implemented such an infrastructure for apartment complexes in Lubbock, Texas.

SINE Networks designs, deploys, and provides ongoing systems administration of wireless networks for retail, hospitality, recreation, hospital, education, and apartment locations throughout Texas. After evaluating competing single- and dual-radio solutions, SINE Networks found that only Strix Systems' cost-effective multi-radio, multi-RF, multi-channel Wi-Fi mesh architecture could deliver real-time services such as voice and video as well as data services to its Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) customers.

"After proving its high performance under heavy user demand, we knew that the Strix Access/One Network system was the perfect solution for MDUs," said Alan Russell, vice president of IT for SINE Networks. "The system is amazingly easy to deploy, and its modular design and multi-radio capacity make it incredibly flexible. There's no doubt that Strix's plug-and-play capabilities and high performance are integral to the success of our deployments. In fact, we plan to double our Strix deployments to 10-12 MDUs and hotels by year's end."


SINE Networks has deployed Strix's IWS and OWS in five apartment complexes with a total of 40 buildings, each with up to 200 apartments. Most of these complexes provide housing for students at Texas Tech University and for young, tech-savvy professionals. Strix's wireless mesh solution attracted SINE Networks because it eliminated the need to rewire existing buildings, making it cost effective for MDU managers to offer tenants free high-speed network access. All users can securely and wirelessly connect to the network from anywhere within the complexes, both indoors and outdoors. Strix's solution also links nearby complexes. Strix's Access/One Client Connect Privacy security feature ensures that a user cannot intrude on other wireless users connected to the network.


"Many of SINE Networks' MDU customers see free wireless access as an effective tool to retain existing tenants and attract the increasingly tech-savvy 30-and-under crowd. Free access is also a huge draw for the large population of Texas Tech students looking for apartments in Lubbock," said Kevin Bryan, vice president of sales for SINE Networks. "Strix Systems' incredibly high-performance multi-radio, multi-RF, multi-channel WiFi wireless mesh solution can handle the high-capacity requirements of these MDUs while enabling them to easily and cost-effectively scale the network in the future for increased usage and higher bandwidth applications."

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