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Press Release
Strix Systems to Award Free Wireless Networks

Submit Ethernet Un-Friendly Buildings for a Chance to Win a Free Access/One Network

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. – Feb. 9, 2004 – Strix Systems, Inc. today announced the start of the “Ethernet Un-Friendly Buildings” contest, a three month event that will award enterprise-class wireless networks each month to organizations whose locations defy conventional Ethernet cabling.

Value Added Resellers (VARs) may nominate their customers through the Strix Systems Web site. Each nomination should detail why the customer’s environment is the least hospitable to structured wiring installation.  Organizations can also directly submit nominations without VAR intervention via the Web site.  Each month during the contest, Strix will award a free network to the VAR and its company that can most benefit from unwiring the enterprise.

 “Business-class wireless networks are not just a convenience anymore.  They are needed to create a more productive business model,” said Bob Jordan, vice president of Marketing at Strix. “Unfortunately, due to a building’s age or structure, it is difficult, costly or impractical to run Ethernet cable to create a network. Through this contest, we prove that companies no longer need wires to provide LAN connectivity.”

Strix’s Access/One Network eliminates Ethernet wires to not only PCs, notebooks and other mobile devices, but also access points. Using a mesh architecture and 802.11a/g uplink, Strix delivers a self-configuring, self-tuning and self-healing wireless network for the enterprise.

All organizations who submit a nomination will be offered a free site survey from their local VAR using Architect/One, a network planning tool that determines radio frequency (RF) coverage areas in a building based on the building’s particular layout. Examples of the kinds of locations that would qualify for contest entry include:

    * Historic buildings where structural changes are not permitted
    * Older brick/stone buildings where trenching or cabling in walls or floors is not possible
    * Buildings where the addition of Ethernet cabling would alter the form, function or design of the building
    * Buildings that have not allowed for conduits or other functions to hide Ethernet cable
    * Existing buildings where it would be necessary to make holes in walls, ceilings or floors to run Ethernet cable
    * Locations where temporary networks need to be quickly deployed and easily torn down such as convention centers or other meeting facilities

About Strix Systems                   
Strix Systems designs, develops, and markets enterprise wireless networks that enhance productivity and efficiency by providing users with instant information via continuous, secure connections to company networks. Unlike traditional wireless LAN solutions, the Strix Systems Access/One Network uses a mesh topology via a wireless Ethernet backhaul and adapts to changes without requiring human intervention. It serves all wireless devices using 802.11 a/b/g, Bluetooth, or future RF technologies simultaneously on a single enterprise network.

Based in Westlake Village,
California, the company has developed an extensive portfolio of patent-pending technologies. For more information about Strix Systems, please visit www.strixsystems.com.
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