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Press Release
Strix Systems Launches European Expansion of the Access/One Network

Momentum of the European Market Draws Strix into Four New Countries

COSTA BRAVA, Spain – October 18, 2004 – Strix Systems, a technology leader in wireless local area networking systems, announced today its expansion into the European market with international sales offices opening across Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

“With our world-wide operations becoming more firmly planted, Strix is well-positioned to be part of the European market’s tremendous growth,” said Ralph Ungermann, chairman of the board at Strix Systems.  “The Access/One Network is the most flexible WLAN solution available today. The modular hardware and mesh networking architecture make it uniquely suited to many types of wireless deployments, filling a product void that currently exists in Europe.”

Strix Systems’ prevailing success in North America and Asia as well as increasing interest in Europe has prompted the company to accelerate its international expansion.

"We will see a tremendous amount of wireless networking growth in the European market over the next several years, as the enterprise market and public wireless access space gain momentum," said Richard Webb, WLAN analyst at Infonetics Research.  "With the arrival of mesh networking vendors, such as Strix Systems, we see the quality of networking options improving and the prices becoming more competitive, which will further drive the demand in Europe."

The Access/One Network will continue to be sold exclusively by Strix channel partners. Those partners have already started promotion within the European markets and have installed networks within airports, hotels, universities, metropolitan area hotspots, and enterprise business locations.  Among these customers are INSA Lyon, a multidisciplinary engineering school in France, and multiple airports in Spain including Barcelona and Madrid.

“Access/One Network is the perfect wireless solution,” said Carlos Cespedes, director of sales for Ideal Technology, a value added distributor in Spain.  “We chose Strix because their product offers a combination of unique solutions, such as wireless backhaul and mesh network communication, all of which help us meet the needs of our customers.”

Strix Systems’ Mesh Solution
Strix Systems offers a truly wireless network through its WLAN hardware, Access/One Network.  Access/One Network removes the need to wire both data and voice networks, improving ROI and providing greater flexibility and convenience for companies deploying wireless LANs. Unlike most wireless networking systems, the Access/One Network’s mesh framework allows for wireless backhaul, thus freeing the network from Ethernet cable ties.  Such a network provides ease of deployment and flexibility that is not available in traditional wireless LAN deployments, including switched WLAN products.

The Access/One Network serves all wireless devices using 802.11 a/b/g or Bluetooth technologies simultaneously on a single enterprise network. The network modules are designed to stack on top of one another to form a Network Node.  Multiple Network Nodes discover and connect to each other through a mesh topology to form a unique self-configuring, self-tuning and self-healing wireless system for each organization.  Distributed intelligence routes traffic on optimal paths, limits broadcasts and bottlenecks, simplifies installation requirements and grows proportionately to provide connections for thousands of wireless devices.  The Access/One Network can be configured and managed via Manager/One, a comprehensive management platform that allows IT administrators to control all key elements of their wireless network.

About Strix Systems
Strix Systems designs, develops, and markets wireless network systems that enhance productivity and efficiency by providing employees with instant information via continuous, secure connections to company networks. Based in Calabasas, California, the company has developed an extensive portfolio of patent-pending technologies. For more information about Strix Systems, please visit www.strixsystems.com.
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