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The Leader in Wireless Mesh Networks is the technology and market leader in wireless mesh networks and provides professional services assisting municipalities and service providers to deploy the largest scale city and country-wide deployments.

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Wireless Mesh Networks
Strix Systems is the industry's technology and market leader in Wireless Mesh Networks offering the highest throughput and Lowest latency for the new generation of broadband mobility and reach-ability supporting voice, video, and data applications for hot spots, hot zones, city and country-wide Wi-Fi deployments.

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Wireless Mesh Networks For Public Safety
Strix Systems is the industry's leader providing the industry's highest throughput, Lowest latency and high-power wireless solution for Public Safety and emergency services utilizing dedicated client access over high-power DSRC-C 4.9 GHz and dedicated ingress and egress for high speed backhaul. Strix Access/One is the industry's only Wireless Mesh Network product to offer 100 MBps switched capacity and high speed mobility to over 150 MPH.