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Long Range 4.9 GHz
Strix expands the Access/One Network OWS family with the introduction of Strix long range 4.9GHZ radios employing high power DSRC-C mask.

The FCC in accordance with other parties have defined the communications band for public safety communications which uses the 4.9 GHz spectrum. This spectrum is defined from 4940 to 4990 MHz. To enable flexibility of deployments, two emissions masks are defined: DSRC-A for deployments requiring 20 dBm or less and the DSRC-C mask which provides transmit power greater than 20dBm for deployments requiring greater range, penetration and coverage.

This new capability combined with Strix industry leading modular multi-radio, multi-channel, multi-RF, optimal channel reuse and sectorization technology enables exceptional range and coverage for large-scale public safety, emergency services and homeland security deployments.

Strix's Access/One OWS with long range 4.9GHz enables the deployment of 802.11 networks across large urban areas, rural counties and entire regions — ideal for secured connectivity for government agencies, homeland security, high-speed transportation systems and mobile communications on a city or even country-wide basis.

Single, dual and some multi-radio solutions are crippled by backhaul bandwidth constraints. Strix dual-backhaul multi-radio solutions don't suffer from radio hand-off contention and the issues related to the inability to upgrade to new technologies.

Strix's new 4.9GHz DSRC-C capability is an example of future-proof scalability and the ability to scale your wireless mesh network for any application and any size.

Strix products step well ahead of the competition by enabling proven high performance intelligent wireless mesh networking capable of extending hundreds of square miles and providing exceptional user density and multi-hop wireless backhaul coverage. Strix Access/One provides the industries highest throughput and lowest latency for integrated voice, video data networks. Strix Access/One is a fully integrated and coherent wireless network system that delivers intelligence, scalability, security and unrivaled performance to the outdoor environment.

More information on 4.9GHz to secure public safety communications

The Future Is Now

Access/One OWS with long-range 4.9GHz enables a mix of backhaul and client access services in a single form-factor to simplify planning and installation, reducing deployment costs, and delivering the industry's highest performance wireless mesh networking system.

Access/One Network OWS builds on Strix DMA™ (Dynamic Mesh Architecture) by offering client and dual-backhaul services in a high performance 802.11a/b/g package, unlike competitive solutions that offer either a single wireless technology or require third party APs to provision client services. Strix's Access/One OWS supports any combination of 802.11 a/b/g/j and 4.9Ghz, both to the client and in the mesh backbone, dedicating modules for specific functions within a node. Supporting up to 6 radios in an Access/One Network OWS node means maximum flexibility to deliver multi-radio mesh backbones, and multi-RF client connectivity.

Download our System Description Brochure to learn more about how the Access/One Network delivers the highest performance multi-radio, multi-channel, and multi-RF wireless mesh networking system for outdoor deployments.
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