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Case Study
WiFi Mesh for Public Safety

Delivering high performance wireless mesh networks for Public Safety and Emergency Services. Strix Multi-Radio Mesh Networks with Long-Range 4.9 GHz access, simultaneous 2.4 GHz access, and 5 GHz ingress/egress backhaul Is critical to a City’s Public Safety Communications infrastructure.

Strix Wireless Mesh Networks for Emergency ServicesThe public safety and emergency services communities require the use of broadband WiFi mesh networking for "always available" high-speed connectivity to people, video surveillance cameras, strategic and tactical equipment, databases and much more. The performance, benefits, popularity and resulting maturity of WiFi has resulted in a large number of devices supporting the technology, whether it's 802.11a/b/g or 4.9 GHz specifically assigned for official public safety use. Devices range from laptops to PDA's and Smartphones as well as specific devices used for public safety and emergency services.

 The Strix OWS enables public safety agencies to gain immediate access to police reports and crime incidents and to perform remote video surveillance. In addition, the network will support traditional Internet services and voice communications (VoIP) for public safety, municipal, and commercial/consumer applications.

Strix’s new long-range 4.9GHz capability implements the DSRC-C maskadopted by the FCC for high-power operations; this mask is critical for paving a path towards unified communications for public safety agencies nationwide.  The new option provides more than double the coverage area compared to standard 4.9GHz implementations and is a critical factor to consider for any municipal mesh network.

Strix Systems Access/One Deployed for Brookline Police DepartmentGalaxy, a Strix Premier Partner, recently granted the license to deploy and operate Brookline Massachusetts municipal broadband network and is the anchor ISP for the multi-service public safety, commercial and consumer Wi-Fi network. Galaxy is not only enabling police and fire with city-wide WiFi infrastructure, but also offering Internet and private access to consumers, small businesses, enterprises and other government agencies. The network will enhance the effectiveness of Brookline’s critical public safety systems; augment the Metro Boston Homeland Security Region’s infrastructure with a secure, resilient, interoperable, high-performance, multi-purpose wireless network infrastructure; and enable the development of new services.  


"Brookline’s wireless mesh network is strategic on many fronts, and the Strix Access/One OWS is the best product todeliver the wide range of services needed as well as high-power 4.9GHz, which was an important requirement for Brookline’s public safety applications.  We found that Strix products work seamlessly, supporting 4.9 GHz, 2.4 GHz, and 5 GHz simultaneously while maintaining the high levels of performance, resilience, and security needed for the scope and scale of this network.  We realize the user density and demands of the network will increase and know from experience that Strix products provide the performance to handle that increase,”  says Bob Carp, President, Galaxy Internet Services.Strix Systems Access/One Video Surveillance Solution Deployed for San Diego Police Department

“Carriers and municipalities also face common challenges regarding costs.  Galaxy quickly realized that the biggest issue is not the initial cost of deployment but the ongoing costs.  Strix Access/One products provide the best blend of performance, features, and flexibility with the lowest TCO.”

Public-Safety Critical Applications
  • Real-time broadcast of critical alerts for time-sensitive information that must be relayed to field units via local dispatch and strategic law enforcement such as theft, assault,child abduction, fugitive, general crime and weather alerts in addition to Emergency Broadcast System bulletins.
  • Immediate mobile access to stationary and real-time/updated criminal records, mug shots and criminal databases maintained by county, state, national or federal and international law enforcement agencies.
  • Immediate mobile access to critical information while in route to an accident, shooting, fire or other incidents. Building site blueprints, chemical manufacture and storage permits, hazardous materials, inspection records,geographic (GIS) information, street maps, and up-to-date traffic reports assist police, fire and ambulance personnel to optimize responsiveness.
  • Mobile access to productivity applications: public safety workers can perform a variety of functions in the field that formerly required a trip back to the station or hospital, including creation and filing of incident and arrest reports, email, Web-based research, etc. This not only turns former idle time and travel time into working time, but increases the visibility of the public safety presence in the community.

The use of video surveillance over wireless mesh networks has gained significant traction due to the robust capabilities of Strix Access/One architecture. Some examples of this are seen in the following applications:

  • Law Enforcement: Reducing tim to perform mug shot searches,
    verifying identity for court records, and comparing school surveillance camera images, for example, to known child molesters

  • Security/Counterterrorism: Controlling access to restricted areas, comparing
    surveillance images to known terrorists

  • Immigration: Enabling rapid progression through Customs

  • Correctional Institutions: Tracking inmates and restricting employee access

  • Schools and Day Care: Verifying the identity of individuals picking up children

  • Missing Children, Runaways: Searching surveillance images over the Internet for
    missing children and runaways

  • Residential Security: Alerting homeowners of approaching people, restricting
    access to gated communities

  • Internet E-commerce: Verifying consumer identity for Internet purchases

  • Healthcare, Benefit payments, Voter verification, Banking: Minimizing fraud by verifying identity

Strix’s Access/One products are proven in the industry to deliver the highest throughput and lowest latency for public safety networks. Strix products exceed the performance you expect from a wireless network and enable the fastest mobility hand-off to remove the disconnect and reconnect latencies associated with other solutions.

The Strix OWSincorporates long-range 4.9 GHz access, simultaneous provides 2.4 GHz access, and high-capacity integrated dual-radio 5 GHz backhaul for the industry's highest performance. More significant still is that the combined multi-radio solution enables the combined deployment of public safety and commercial networks from the same architecture which results in lower overall total cost of ownership and greater potential for new applications without sacrificing performance.

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