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Case Study
WiFi Mesh for Outdoor Venues

Outdoor Venues - International Speedway Corporation

International Speedway Corporation is a leading promoter of motorsports activities in the United States, currently promoting more than 100 racing events annually as well as numerous other motorsports-related activities. and chose Strix Systems to provide point-of-sale access to for the vendors who food, beverages and promotional goods to millions of visitors during each event. This high performance and ultra-reliable system comprised of Strix Access/One IWS and OWS wireless mesh network products enables vendors to handles hundreds of thousands in revenue transcations and as a result has gained an even larger footprint at ISC's additional 11 major motorsports entertainment facilities, includingDaytona International Speedway in Florida (home of the Daytona 500); Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama; Michigan International Speedway located outside Detroit; Richmond International Raceway in Virginia; California Speedway near Los Angeles; Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kansas; Phoenix International Raceway in Arizona;Homestead-Miami Speedway in Florida; Martinsville Speedway in Virginia; Darlington Raceway in South Carolina; and Watkins Glen International in New York. Other motorsports entertainment facility ownership includes an indirect 37.5% interest in Raceway Associates, LLC, which owns and operates Chicagoland Speedway and Route 66 Raceway near Chicago, Illinois.

ISC selected Strix’s multi-radio, multi-RF, multi-channel Wi-Fi mesh system as an extension of its existing wired network infrastructure because it was the only mesh system that could extend network capacity by dynamically creating a wireless network which includes its mobile merchandise vehicles.

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“With mobile merchandising stations that travel from track to track, we needed a wireless solution that offered the highest degree of flexibility in design, and ease of management while maintaining the highest degree of security. Strix Systems was able to meet these needs and reduce costs by eliminating the need to pull fiber to all merchandise locations,” said Michael Tanguay, Senior Network Engineer of ISC. “Strix’s high-performance mesh nodes in each of the trailers allows the network to auto-configure itself as the trailers enter the facility, forming a self-configured wireless mesh network. Not only does the Strix system support the existing bandwidth requirements, but its ability to maintain high throughout across multiple hops has opened the door to exciting future applications supportable on the existing network.”

ISC has deployed a combination of Strix’s IWS and OWS at multiple race tracks, including the Daytona International Speedway, home of the Daytona 500®. Each truck has a Strix Indoor Wireless System (IWS) node which is wired to the truck’s PoS equipment and acts as the single termination point in every merchandise vehicle. The tracks are strategically outfitted with Strix IWS and OWS nodes, which automatically associate with the merchandise trailers node via a 5Ghz wireless backhaul link.The IWS nodes then detect and connect to each other and to the fixed nodes, creating a mesh network that enables real-time point-of-sales transactions from within the race track’s facilities.

By using a mix of Strix’s IWS and OWS nodes, ISC was able to create physically movable mesh networks at each site that can automatically discover and reconfigure based on the movement and placement of the merchandise trailers. Since the merchandise stations are mobile, the interoperability of the Strix IWS and OWS enable seamless coverage throughout the facilities no matter where the trailers are parked or how the facilities are configured. IT personnel no longer have to spend time planning and re-configuring the network, providing ISC with complete freedom over the design and layout of each event.

The ability of Strix’s multi-radio mesh to maintain high-throughput and low-latency across multiple hops provides fiber-like network performance for all applications. Point-of-sale applications that once took over a minute to process transactions on ISC’s previous wireless network now take less than five seconds.Strix’s modular design and ability to simply add additional radios will enable ISC to easily accommodate this future network demand.

Strix Access/One®Network family of products immediately addresses the needs of all hot-zpot, hot-zone and much larger applications. The Access/One provides the highest throughput, lowest latency and the greatest degree of scalability and ease of use compared to any other solution. Voice, data, video - all applications are supported simultaneously with no additional configuration. Self-configuring, self-tuning and simple browser-based management that scales to the largest hot-zones, city and country-wide implementations. The Access/One products are installed and provide instantly secured node-to-node meshing and immediate access to authentication resources such as a Internet Gateway, where services may be controlled and charged based on the users requirements.

Access/One Advantages for Temporary Networks

  • Fast deployments of high speed networks for guest and staff access
  • Manageable and secure for guest access or staff access
  • A fully integrated solution providing a wireless network backbone and user access from a single system
  • An upgradeable system that easily supports adding new user coverage areas, or adding capacity or new RF technologies to existing nodes

Contact Strix Systems and find out why Hilton, Holiday Inn, Intercontinental the properties, airports, raceways etc. are among the many who have selected the Access/One Network to provide business users and consumers with a high performance broadband wireless system.

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