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Case Study
Tradeshow and Convention professionals Use Strix Access/One
 Today, wireless mesh networks are state-of-the-art and Strix Systems is been chosed by leading conference providers and owners of convention facilities to deliver highly reliable and high performing voice, video and data services. Jeff Pulver, President and CEO or Pulver.com utilizes Strix Access/One for all VON (Voice On the Net) events."Wireless IP solutions are enabling a new infrastructure for the enterprise which is why we are continually interested in their development," said Jeff Pulver, president and CEO of pulver.com, Inc. "Strix's participation in this year's conference as the wireless provider illustrates just how significant we feel the rise of mesh networking can be to IP communications."

The VON Conference and Expo, hosted by pulver.com, Inc., has been extremely successful in the telecommunications industry by focusing on the technologies and challenges facing the IP Communications industry today. VON events serve as a place for industry leaders to meet, discuss and focus on the issues affecting the VoIP revolution. While voice over packet technologies are a critical part of VON events, the conventions are not just about voice. Each conference showcases companies that represent a great segment of the IP Communications industry -- covering the marketplace from the perspectives of enterprise users, service providers, consumer services and the industry as a whole.

Strix Systems' Access/One Network uses a mesh topology and no-wire access points, which enables a clean, easy, yet the highest performance and industry's most resilient voice, video and data deployments. This capability has been recognized by many including Steve Stroh of CONXX Inc. who states "Strix Systems was used for the Wi-Fi access at VON, and my experience was that it worked flawlessly..." "This is the veryfirst time I can say that about Wi-Fi access at any conference I have attended in the last eight years. What was remarkable in particular about Strix Systems' equipment in particular is how outwardly simple it is to deploy..." "Put it where it makes sense and let it see if it can "mesh up" with other nodes. This is the kind of thing that a neighborhood can get together to do".

Pulver uses Strix Access/One in the events general sessions, press and breakout rooms as well as hallways, lounges and corridors. Since the network nodes or access points are self-discovering and self-tuning, the nodes need only be turned on for the network to begin to take shape. Using Manager/One, networking manager for the event can easily monitor the network at all times from anywhere.

"Since the Access/One Network actually eliminates the need for Ethernet wiring on the back-end of the access point, we can easily expand or modify the network during the show amidst the constant changes to internal structures and material placement." said John Jones, conference networking manager for VON. The systems works seamlessly, providing the show organizers a wireless networking system that is easy to install, manage, configure, and

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