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Case Study

WiFi Mesh and Satellite Access

Strix Wireless Mesh With Satellite Backhaul

The hybrid combination of terrestrial and satellite communications enables completely mobile broadband access anywhere.

World Communications Center (WCC), a strategic technology and solution provider of Strix Systems to provide local area networks (LANs) and Internet access via satellite using Strix wireless mesh for "last mile" access.

WCC goes one step further by providing global satellite voice and data communications over portable VSAT satellite for wireless LAN services to underserved industries that are otherwise impacted by the inability to acquire Internet and private network access.

WCC integrates Strix Systems Access/One wireless mesh networks with satellite communications to ensure the ability to seamlessly conduct business and perform critical tasks such as securely accessing a central corporate network, enabling portable and instant emergency services anywhere.

"For the first time, we can provide a number of industries the critical ability to easily set up portable networks, connect with a distant existing network, and gain access to the Internet," says Weldon Knape, CEO of WCC. "Businesses that involve a high amount of travel and remote job sites will no longer have to return to the office to take care of their needs, saving them time and money."

A solution gaining significant interest is WCC's "auto-deploy" approach utilized for first responder command center application. The auto-deploy service enables the first responder mobile command center with immediate broadband access and the ability to "mesh" other mobile and static nodes.

This mobile network provides the capability of providing whatever networking capability [first responders] need on the ground," Knape said. WCC is receiving "a fair amount of interest" from various government organizations, ranging from local organizations on the state and county level up to federal agencies involved with homeland security.

The mobile application also has use in the commercial sector, such as in a heavy construction site in a remote area, Knape said. "They drop one of these portable offices [with a satellite-enabled Wi-Fi system] in place, and site workers instantly have high-speed broadband uplink for their business purposes and immediate access via Wi-Fi to the corporate networks."

WCC also is looking at certain fixed locations to deploy the satellite- enabled Wi-Fi service. "We still have a lot of sites throughout the United States that don't have access to any kind of terrestrial broadband, like RV parks, truck stops, state and federal parks, where you have fixed location but a transient client base coming through," Knape said.

Mopar, a division Daimlerchrysler, and producer of high-performance engines and other automotive parts, was one of the first to take advantage of the new wireless mesh plus satellite backhaul solution. While this solution has gained momentum for temporary and emergency services networks, Mopar uses the mobile VSAT station for remote communications to headquarters, for race team access, and traveling promotions. Most recently the Mopar team utilzed the solution for Mopar's Mile-High NHRA Nationals in Denver, Colorado.

  • Easy to Deploy: Because you don.t have to run wires to the individual nodes, deployments are completed in hours, not days, or weeks.
  • Easy to Manage: With Strix's built-in network management software, Manager/One, IT managers can monitor, configure and diagnose all aspects of the Wi-Fi system from anywhere in the network, either via Web server interface or enterprise manager.
  • Flexible: Thanks to the modular nature of Strix's Access/One Wi-Fi network, you have the option of choosing one from a variety of WCC's Satellite Internet providers to keep you connected.
  • Secure: Strix Wi-Fi System provides easily configurable, standards-based security options that allow you to customize by node or system wide. The Strix Access/One Wi-Fi Network offers all of the latest security features including 802.1x authentication and encryption schemes up to and including AES.
The WCC Strix Wi-Fi Satellite Internet System is utilized in a broad number of individual and commercial applications including:
  • Local government and private enterprises
  • County inspectors and maintenance crews
  • Public safety including police, fire and emergency services
  • Surveillance and crime detection
  • IP video and voice exchange
  • Traffic control
  • Neighborhood watch
  • Metro transit and high-speed intercity rail links
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