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Case Study
WiFi Mesh and International Carriers


Carriers Require High Performance, Resilient & Reliable Solutions

Large international Carriers and Service providers are no strangers to Strix Systems. Many have, such as Korea Telecom (KT) and NTT West, both considered the largest service providers in the world, are partners in the deployment of Strix Access/One products to hundreds of thousands of customers. Strix works with NTT West and it's partner Network Value Components (NVC) to deploy enterprise-scale networks using Strix's Access/One OWS and IWS modular mesh products to provide voice, video, and data services in both indoor and outdoor settings. KT and it's partners Hyundai HDS and Strix distributor Broadwave, have taken the the first steps with installations at the award-winning Westin Chosun Hotel Busan beachfront hotel in Busan, Korea and surrounding areas.

Strix Systems WiFi Mesh and WiMAX enables footprint for large-scale service providers and Carrier deployments


NTT West is leveraging Strix’s OWS and IWS to deliver broadband wireless voice, video, and data services corporate enterprise customers in Japan while in the future this may include public safety, emergency services, and related applications.

KT Nespot Uses Strix Systems for WiFi Mesh Network Services The Strix solution is unique with respect to international deployments in Japan due to support of the 802.11j protocol which addresses the need for a high-performance mesh solution for use throughout Japan, where 802.11a is prohibited outdoor. Additionally, Strix’s optimized antenna technology provides the greatest reach and coverage, allowing NTT West to provide bridging between rural villages

while delivering the highest performance, multi-service networking to these locations.

Susumu Watanabe, President, NVC – "NTT West has flexible options for networks designing because Strix products has modular architecture and provide customized configuration with optimized networks. Also, high performance wireless mesh with multi-hop is realized by only Strix based on Japanese regulation. 802.11j or future WiMAX modules can create simplified network architecture and cost effective solutions."

KT NESPOT began services in February 2002 and has deployed approximately 27,000 access points at 12,000 sites, including universities, banks, airports, and transportation terminals, and has gained more than 440,000 subscribers. 

KT chose Strix Access/One for it's ability to extend the high-speed NESPOT service area beyond its current limits and to offer a variety of wireless network services such as VoIP, surveillance, and sensor applications. While in many cases high-speed wired internet access is available as an amenity for many enterprises and hotel rooms indoor, the Strix IWS and OWS offer resilient roaming and mobility that the wired internet cannot offer. 

“The Strix OWS will help users enjoy seamless wireless internet access whether they are indoors or outdoors,” said Kim Leesu, NESPOT Business Team Manager at KT Corp.  “Starting from the beach hotel, we’ll deploy Strix wireless mesh networks in other hotels as well as in the nearby airport.” 

“The Korean market has begun to be impressed with the seamless roaming, free mobility, and other benefits that mesh networks can offer,” said Henry Jung, Marketing Director, Broadwave. 
KT Nespot Uses Strix Systems for WiFi Mesh Network Services

“KT chose Strix because its performance and reliability have been proven worldwide, and we expect the installation at the Westin Chosun Hotel Busan will lead to the deployment of Strix mesh networks in other cities.”

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